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08 May 2010 @ 12:12 pm
Tonight I intend to cook food aplenty for the arrival of MJ and in honour of scarlett_von_sl 's birthday. I'm preparing mozzarella stacks (basically, very posh lasagne) and for dessert, chocolate crunches (basically, posh Rice Krispie cakes...). Should be brilliant, and then I am off out to Analoguetrash. My outfit will hopefully pass off as decent enough: fishtail, knee-length skirt, underbust corset, black strappy top and knee-high PVC stompy boots. I'm aiming to have a bit of fun this weekend, and I should really show my face out and about more often than I do. Fingers-crossed.

So, here's hoping today goes with a bit of an energy surge. Probably no drinking tonight, but dancing aplenty and possibly more sugar than was ever intended for the likes of human consumption. Weeeeeeeee.

(I get ever-so excited on other people's birthdays!)
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01 May 2010 @ 01:59 pm
The above title would, I suspect, summarise my day on Thursday. To go into more detail: I woke up at half-past 7, full of the joys of getting up at half-past 7, and as I began to stretch, felt my neck muscles tense, creak and then crack in a spectacular manner. After a delightfully warm sensation spreading through my left shoulder, I attempted to move and found, upon doing so, I was incurring excruciating pain. My shoulder was temporarily frozen, my neck locked dead-ahead and the slight amount of initial panic descended into full-blown anxiety. Fortunately, after ten minutes of slowly moving, I was able to get out of bed altogether and sit in the Living room. Mum suggested I go down to A&E to check I hadn't bumped any bones (generally, when I get up in the morning and stretch, my shoulders 'pop' back into their sockets temporarily as I am permanently subluxated due to Hypermobility Syndrome) or damaged any ligaments. After a lengthy wait in the Royal Infirmary, I was x-rayed and informed that all bones were fine, and I had likely pulled a tendon or somesuch nonsense. Lovely.

However, the neck is a little better today. I'm still sleeping on my left side to keep the neck muscles stretched, propping myself up on several pillows. I appear to nod off perfectly well enough and sleep as I would normally do, but the pain does make me dread moving once I am awake.

So, I went home on Thursday to get a little parental TLC, and was pleased to discover two very wonderful letters: the first from my solicitors, telling me the company who had insured the car that hit me (though the driver was not named on the policy) are admitting liability, as all evidence received points to the driver being at fault. I won't need to worry about going through the MIB now - hurrah! The second was from the company offering me a private medical examination with an appointment in the next couple of weeks. As it is, I am going to be visiting Rich (and staying with his parents for a couple of days) so I'm going to rearrange for afterwards - possibly early June, as I have exams not long after I'm back in Manchester. Things are finally moving forward for me. I celebrated a little yesterday by buying a new top, and some cute underwear from Tesco's. Yes, I am hardcore.

Things are looking up a little bit, and this helps me through the days.
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20 April 2010 @ 11:46 am
So, at approximately 13:07 (Manchester Train Time which, as we know, runs about five minutes slower than anywhere else in the UNIVERSE), I will be on a train to Scarborough - on my way to WHITBY. I am looking forward to it immensely. However, I have woken up this morning feeling especially grotty; not M.E., this time, but I suspect a cold is brewing nicely. It started last night but, as I had just been out and about, I assumed hayfever was the cause. I ran a lovely warm bath and ended up jumping out about ten minutes later to grab my inhaler. Unfortunately, my entire airway had temporarily spasmed and I was struggling to breathe properly. That hasn't abated entirely, I am running low on Seretide and I have a constant stream of catarrh. SEXY, AMIRIGHT?

Worst happens, we're right around the corner from a Hospital, so it's not like I have to worry too much. All the same, I am hoping it's temporary because I cannot hack another chest infection. I can feel my lungs popping and crackling...

Wish me luck, and plenty of vodka to ease my suffering! YAY FOR HOLIDAY!
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07 April 2010 @ 10:47 pm

I had my pre-operative assessment today. Fortunately, I had the delightful company of moomin_puffin for some of it, which meant I didn't go too mad waiting about. We nipped over to Costa Coffee for a sandwich and hot drink before I was called up to be seen by a nurse. My blood pressure, height and weight were all noted down and then I was made to wait for a little while longer; I was then called in to see the specialist nurse who asked me a series of questions. Out of it all, I have been deemed 'unfit to proceed' until my heart palpitations are investigated further and my asthma is checked up on. I've not had a full oxygen/lung analysis before so I've got to wait to be seen by an anaesthetist and then have more tests.


I do hope they can ensure the nail is removed because I am in an excruciating amount of pain at the moment; yesterday's train journey left me with a good deal of swelling and pain, and it still hasn't gone down properly. Today, I've had a preliminary ECG and blood taken. The blood test is primarily to check I'm not with child as my last period was somewhat irregular and delayed. That is likely down to the fact that I have kept on the Pill for an extra week every now and then, to avoid it interfering with, ahem, certain things.

Anyway, now I've got sit tight and wait for various other appointments to come through before I can go any further. Buggeration.

Otherwise, I'm home to see Mama and Papa. They were very insistent that I come home to see them for a couple of days as I'll be busy  -  getting excited about Whitby, seeing Idlewild and AFI.
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25 March 2010 @ 12:03 pm
The weather is looking suspicious today, as if it simply cannot decide whether to rain, or shine, or simply remain overcast. It is, I suppose, part of the joy of living in Manchester - regardless of the time of year, one simply has to carry an umbrella and a coat. However, as I'm spending four and a half hours on a train to Cambridge, it affects me but a small amount. I have my suitcase packed, a bag full of books to read (I'm going to use the train journey to attack Middlemarch... If I don't get distracted by finishing off The Woodlanders - which, I heartily recommend if you are a fan of Thomas Hardy, but are somewhat sceptical after reading Tess and Jude the Obscure; it's much lighter but still tackles some interesting themes) and train tickets at the ready. However, I do need to go to Creative Writing first. I am, at least, pleased that I've got two critiques for the class, so I don't spend an hour sitting there, silent and wondering why I bother.

Sleep was sporadic last night. Although I usually filter health issues, I've been getting some especially painful upper-arm spasms and cramps. I suspect I'm restless when I do sleep and, thus, bunch myself enough and get stuck, as it were.

In other news, I got my hair cut yesterday - and it looks fabulous. It's short and easy to manage, but takes off any weight around my chin. I prefer to have my features on display, as long hair draws my face down, and too much mess framing my face makes me look round. I'm very particular about how I have my hair styled at the best of times but my hairdresser was even kind enough to give me a £3 discount so I actually spent £12 altogether. I do love being a student...

Anyway, my time to leave draws near. I need to go to the library (suitcase in tow...) and print off the two class critiques. I'm just glad the holidays are here, and I can spend some time relaxing, reading at leisure and hanging out with Rich (read: getting him to make me lots and lots of tea, and give me cuddles - 'cause I'm a big girl, really).

Au revoir. Have a good weekend, all.
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